Sensational victory in the Danish tournament after the withdrawal of the Yugoslav team from the tournament

The early 1990s were a turning point for the entire continent. The geopolitical events of that period made their own adjustments to the main trophy of the Old World.

34 countries took part in the qualifying round for Euro 1992, while Sweden, as the hostess of the final part, did not participate in the qualification. For the first time, teams such as San Marino and the Faroe Islands took part in this draw. The USSR national team won its qualifying group, beating the Italians by three points, however, due to the collapse of the Soviet Union in the final part of the tournament, the team received a new format, playing under a white flag with three Latin letters CIS - the CIS team.

Also, the national teams of Germany and the GDR did not complete their journey at that European Championship, which, after the unification of Germany (October 3, 1990), became one team. The Belgium-GDR game on September 12 was declared a friendly game, and all other matches involving the GDR were cancelled. The combined team lost the first match to Wales 0-1, but then won the remaining games, finishing first in the group.

But the most fateful events were remembered by the qualifying group No. 4, in which the Yugoslav national team took first place, ahead of Denmark, Northern Ireland, Austria and the Faroe Islands. Shortly before the start of the final part, for political reasons, the Yugoslavs were removed from the tournament, and the second team of the group, Denmark, found out about their participation in the Euro a few days before it began.

Note: This was the last EuroCup where 2 points were awarded for a win.

By the semi-finals, the Danish team, which purposefully did not prepare for this Euro, had already gained sufficient form and game tone, which allowed them to force the formidable Netherlands team to bounce back twice (2: 2), and in the penalty shoot-out, Peter Schmeichel repelled Marco van Basten's blow, extracting ticket to the final.

The Manchester United goalkeeper of those times said his weighty word in the final of the tournament, where the combined German team with Jurgen Klinsmann at the forefront of the attack, could not score the ball. The Danes scored twice and after the final whistle raised the Henri Delaunay Cup over their heads, proving to the football community that miracles happen.

The only thing we will never know is how the strongest team of Yugoslavia would have played in the European championship ...

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